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11 October 2003

Lots of updates!

  • New improved method of searching for second-hand Sinclair products on eBay.
  • Coverage of Sinclair's latest electric vehicles, the SeaScooter and Wheelchair Drive Unit.

10 June 2002

9 June 2002

8 June 2002

28 July 2001

  • The complete CRASH History is now on the site, covering the development of CRASH magazine over 48 issues from 1984 through to 1988.

16 July 2001

Several updates today, including:

15 July 2001

Welcome to the new-look Planet Sinclair!

This is the third version of the Web's most comprehensive archive of Sinclair-related information. Planet Sinclair covers the full range of Sir Clive Sinclair's products, released over forty years - audio devices, calculators, clocks, computers, televisions, vehicles, watches and more. In this latest version of the website, the range of information has been greatly increased. Highlights include:

  • New look and feel for the entire site
  • More detailed information and many new photos of Sinclair products
  • Coverage of obscure items such as eastern European clones of Sinclair computers
  • Sinclair chronology and business history
  • New coverage of prominent Sinclair programmers and publishers.
  • Quick links to online auctions of specific products or product types

There will, of course, be many more updates to come. Check this page regularly for news of additions to the site.

Since the first version of Planet Sinclair was created in 1994, Sinclair retro-nostalgia has taken off enormously - scores of websites dedicated to Sinclair products (especially the computers) now exist and hundreds of vintage Sinclair items are now bought and sold online every week. Planet Sinclair could not have come into existence without the help of the online community of Sinclair enthusiasts and the kind support of the Nettverksgruppa of the Norwegian University of Technology and Science in Trondheim. Many thanks to everyone who helped.

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