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Sinclair Research / Bombardier / Daka Development, 2001

The SeaScooter (right), an electric personal propeller for divers and snorkelers, is a somewhat surprising but notably successful addition to Sinclair's line of electric vehicles. The user holds the device by the handle and lets him- or herself be pulled through the water at a speed of 2mph (3kph) at a depth of up to 65ft (20m). The built-in battery lasts for about an hour and can be recharged overnight.

The SeaScooter marks a significant departure for Sinclair. It was designed by Sinclair Research, developed by Bombardier (better known for its trains and military equipment) and manufactured and distributed by Daka Development Ltd. It has been a considerable success and is widely available from retailers - including, improbably, Selfridges department store in London!

Chris Owen 1994-2003