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Peripherals Photo Gallery

ZX80 1-3K RAM pack
ZX81 16K RAM pack
ZX Printer
ZX Printer in original box

ZX Interface 1
ZX Interface 1 board
ZX Interface 1 in original box (79Kb) ZX Interface 1 / Microdrive manual cover art (104Kb)

ZX Interface 2
ZX Interface 2 with ROM cartridges (159Kb) Planetoids ROM cartridge for ZX Interface 2 (55Kb) ZX Spectrum Expansion System (59Kb)

Advert for ZX Interface 1
ZX Microdrives daisy-chained to a Spectrum
ZX Microdrive (47Kb) ZX Microdrive in original box (41Kb)

ZX Microdrive cartridge with storage sleeve
Unused ZX Microdrive cartridge in original packet
Amstrad/Sinclair SJS1 joystick (59Kb) Amstrad/Sinclair SJS2 joystick (32Kb)

Amstrad/Sinclair Magnum Light Phaser (24Kb) Magnum Light Phaser in original box (51Kb) Amstrad/Sinclair SPJ-1 joystick (19Kb) Views of Amstrad/Sinclair SP200 printer (82Kb)


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