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[ZX80 kit advert] [German ZX80 advert]
MK 14 advert MK 14 and peripherals ZX80 kit advert German ZX80 advert ZX81 brochure (cover)
216 Kb (more info) 266 Kb (more info) 358 Kb (more info) 241 Kb (more info) 67 Kb (more info)

ZX81 brochure (pages 2/3) ZX81 brochure
(page 4)
Advert - ZX81
Advert - ZX81
Advert - ZX81
in WH Smith
272 Kb (more info) 187 Kb (more info) 298 Kb (more info) 144 Kb (more info) 328 Kb (more info)

ZX Spectrum 48K advert, 1983 ZX Spectrum+ upgrade kit advert, 1985 ZX Spectrum +2 advert, 1986 ZX Spectrum +3 advert, 1987  
372 Kb (more info) 311 Kb (more info) 257 Kb (more info) 254 Kb (more info)  



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