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Nigel Searle

After Sir Clive himself, the person who probably had the biggest effect on development of Sinclair Research was the company's managing director, Nigel Searle. He was one of the company's longest-serving employees, having joined the original Sinclair Radionics back in 1973. For much of the 1970s, Searle worked for Sinclair in the United States to promote the company's calculators and other products. In 1977, with Sinclair in deep financial trouble, Searle left the company. He rejoined in 1979 when Sinclair formed Science of Cambridge (later renamed Sinclair Research) and continued to work from the States, successfully promoting the ZX80 and ZX81. In the Spring of 1982 he moved back to the UK as Sinclair's managing director, a post he retained until the company's computer business was taken over by Amstrad in 1986.

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