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The Sinclair range of computers were by far Sir Clive's most famous products, making him a household name and a multi-millionaire as well as securing him a knighthood. Their continuing popularity is shown by the huge range of emulators now available and the thriving market in second-hand Sinclair computers. Most are fairly or very common and can be picked up at cheap prices. The very earliest, the MK 14 and ZX80, are now rare and often command high resale prices.

Please note that items offered for sale through eBay are usually second-hand and sold without any guarantees of any sort. They may well be sold without packaging or instructions, and may not even work at all. If you have any queries about an item being auctioned, please contact the seller. Planet Sinclair cannot take any responsibility for your transactions on eBay. Always ensure that you know what you are buying!

Production Date
Value *
MK 14 1977 Rare £200+ [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
ZX80 1979 Rare £150-£200 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
ZX81 1974 Very common £20-£30 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
ZX Spectrum
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QL 1977 Common £40-£60 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Z88 1978 Common £20-£30 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
PC200 1978 Rare £40 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
PC500 1978  Very rare ? [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Timex / Sinclair
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Production Date
Value *
Interface 1 1983 Common £30-40 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Interface 2 1983 Uncommon £20-30 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Rom cartridges for Interface 2 1983 Uncommon £30-40 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Microdrive 1983 Uncommon £30-40 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Microdrive cartridges 1983 Uncommon £5-10 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
RAM Packs 1981  Common £10-20 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
ZX Printer 1981 Common £10-20 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]

* Note: this is a rough estimate based on the typical sale value of the item on eBay. The actual purchase or resale value may differ significantly.

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