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Until Sinclair arrived on the scene, electronic calculators were bulky devices confined to the desktop or briefcase. The Sinclair Executive (1972) was the first true pocket calculator and started a revolution that briefly made Sinclair the king of the calculator market.

Because Sinclair calculators were widely sold, most models are still fairly common today and so have a generally low value. The Executive is much sought after, as the first pocket calculator. The Sovereign is much rarer - particularly the limited edition Silver Jubilee versions - and the almost insanely fiddly Wrist Calculator is rarer still.

Please note that items offered for sale through eBay are usually second-hand and sold without any guarantees of any sort. They may well be sold without packaging or instructions, and may not even work at all. If you have any queries about an item being auctioned, please contact the seller. Planet Sinclair cannot take any responsibility for your transactions on eBay. Always ensure that you know what you are buying!

Any Sinclair calculator

Production Date
Value *
Cambridge 1973-74 Fairly common £20-25 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Enterprise 1977-78 Rare  [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Executive 1972-73 Very rare £100+ [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Oxford 1975-76 Common £15-20 [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
President 1978 Very rare ? [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Scientific 1975 Fairly common £20-25  [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Sovereign 1977 Very rare ? [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]
Wrist Calculator 1977 Very rare ? [BUY] [SELL] [INFO]

* Note: this is a rough estimate based on the typical sale value of the item on eBay. The actual purchase or resale value may differ significantly.

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