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ZX80 Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery



[ZX80] [ZX80 rear view] [ZX80 printed circuit board]
ZX80 (74 Kb)
(© Stefan Walgenbach, www.HomeComputer.de)
ZX80 rear view (72 Kb) ZX80 printed circuit board (54 Kb)

[ZX80 with top removed] [ZX80 manual cover] [ZX80 kit advert]
ZX80 with top removed
(35 Kb)
ZX80 manual cover (47 Kb) ZX80 kit advert (358 Kb)

[ZX80 advert] [German ZX80 advert] [ZX80 circuit diagram]
ZX80 advert (120 Kb) German ZX80 advert
(241 Kb)
ZX80 circuit diagram
(323 Kb)
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