MC680x0 Reference 1.1, ŠApril,May 1995 by Flint/DARKNESS.

                          MC 680x0 Reference 1.1
                    ŠApril/May 1995 by Flint/DARKNESS.

          Generic Asm Doc          MC680x0 Optimizations
          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MC680x0 Instruction types:
         Arithmetics Instructions           
         Logic Instructions                 
         Shift and Rotate Instructions      
         Bit Manipulation Instructions      
         Bit Field Manipulation Instructions
	 BCD Instructions                   
         Data transfer Instructions         
         Flow Control Instructions          
	 Privileged Instructions            
	 'Exceptions' Instructions          
         CCR related Instructions           
	 PMMU control Instructions          
	 Multiprocessor Instructions        
	 CoProcessor Instructions           

         Alphabetical Index         

MC68000 Instructions timing           MC68030 Instructions timing
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
           MC68040 Instructions timing
	Copyright and Distribution          Contacting the author
	~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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