Generic Assembler Documentation

TO		Specify output filename
WITH		Specify a file that contains a list of options to be
used.  There may only be one WITH file per assembly, and this option may
only be used on the command line.  Such files may be created using the
editor's command for saving an assembler settings file.  Be careful when
using this as any main file that is set via the editor will be included
in the WITH file.
-.		(or QUIER) disable assembly messages
-B		No binary file will be created.
-C		Caseinsensitve labels (OPT NOCASE)
-D		Debug (OPT DEBUG)
-E		allows labels to be set; assignements must be separated
by commas.  Labels will be set as if they were on line 2 of the main
source file.
-H		(or HEADER) specify the pre-assembled header files that
are to be loaded before assembly starts.  Multiple files may be
separated with a comma.
-I		(or INCDIR) specify include directories to be searched
(follow _immediatly_ with path).  These directories will be searched
when the assembler is opening include files.  These should normally be
terminated with a slash.
-L		Amiga linkable code (OPT ALINK)
-L6		output Motorola S-records (OPT SREC)
-M		use low memory (slower) assemlby mode.  See the section
on integrated options in the previous chapter.  _Not_ the same as OPT M+.
-O		specify output filename.
-P		specify listing filename, defaults to source filename
with extension of .LST
-Q		pasue for key press after assembly.
-S		include a symbol table at the end oflisting
-T		specifies tab setting for listing
-V		specify options as if they were specified using OPT on
the second line of the main source file.
-X		use just exported labels in debugging (OPT XDEBUG)
-Z		enable listing on pass 1.  The information in the code
filed may be incorrect but this can be used to find mistakes when
omitting an ENDC (OPT LIST1).  This is provided for backwards
compatibility; OPT TRACEIF can normally be used to find such eDS
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