The Big Blue Room

- that big room with the ceiling that is sometimes blue and sometimes black with little lights

Welcome to the realm of those who have a hard time fitting in. This is the place where we insert the links we like, but don't know where to put. The place where battles for pet subjects are fought. The home of the obscure references and serious opinions hidden behind a wry grin. If you have an orphan link, we can give it a good home.

On language: The person writing this is no anglophile, but as we want this page to have some interest not only for Norwegian speaking people, in the name of Hypnos, the argument of having only one file to maintain won. Another advantage is that we avoid the eternal arguments over the use of New-Norwegian and Dano-Norwegian. Still, pages with their absolute main audience among the denizens of Norway will be kept in Norwegian.

The Gargantuan Starry Room

Where the big blue room is no longer blue, and great visionairies have pointed forward. "Manifest destiny," it has a certain ring to it, hasn't it?

The Cramped, Computer Filled Room

What made us begin talking in terms like "big blue room" and "clickety-click".

Nettverksgruppa, 20.01.96,