Specificational Instruction Execution Times

This table indicates the number of clock periods for the conditional
instructions. The number of read and write cycles is shown in parenthesis
as (r/w). The number of clock periods and the number of read and write
cycles must be added respectively to those of the effective address
calculation where indicated.

		Conditional Instruction Execution Times

instruction	displacement	branch		 branch
				taken		not taken

Bcc		byte		10(2/0)		 8(1/0)
		word		10(2/0)		12(1/0)
BRA		byte		10(2/0)		   -
		word		10(2/0)		   -
BSR		byte		18(2/2)		   -
		word		18(2/2)		   -
DBcc		CC true		   -		12(2/0)
		CC false	10(2/0)		14(3/0)

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