Multi-Precision Instruction Execution Times

This table indicates the number of clock periods for the multi-precision
instructions. The number of clock periods includes the time to fetch both
operands, perform the operations, store the results and read the next 
instructions. The number of read and write cycles is shown in parenthesis 
as (r/w).

The headings have the following meanings: Dn = data register operand and
M = memory operand.

		Multi-Presicion Instruction Execution Times

instruction	size		op Dn,Dn	op M,M

ADDX		byte,word	4(1/0)		18(3/1)
		  long		8(1/0)		30(5/2)
CMPM		byte,word	  -		12(3/0)
		  long		  -		20(5/0)
SUBX		byte,word	4(1/0)		18(3/1)
		  long		8(1/0)		30(5/2)
ABCD		  byte		6(1/0)		18(3/1)
SBCD		  byte		6(1/0)		18(3/1)

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