Exception Processing Execution Times

This table indicates the number of clock periods for exception processing.
The number of clock periods includes the time for all stacking, the vector
fetch and the fetch of the first two instruction words of the handler routine.
The number of bus read and write cycles is shown in parenthesis as (r/w).

		Exception Processing Execution Times

	exception			periods

	address error			50(4/7)
	bus error			50(4/7)
	CHK instruction (trap taken)	44(5/3)+
	Divide by Zero			42(5/3)
	illegal instruction		34(4/3)
	interrupt			44(5/3)*
	privilege violation		34(4/3)
	RESET **			40(6/0)
	trace				34(4/3)
	TRAP instruction		38(4/3)
	TRAPV instruction (trap taken)	34(4/3)

	+ add effective address calculation time
	* the interrupt acknowledge cycle is assumed to take four
	  clock periods
                                       _____     ____
       ** indicates the time from when RESET and HALT are first
	  sampled as negated to when instruction execution starts

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