Loose ends and MC680X0 sources


False is a language which in some respects is similar to FORTH. It's most distinguishing feature is its somewhat unique style guide for sources and compact (understatement) command mnemonics. The reason for it being here is the fact that the compiler is written in assembler, and could thus be interesting to study. Anyway, programming in False is great fun in its own right too; we're currently running the portable interpreter under Solaris, Ultrix, IRIX and Linux. False is created by Wouter van Oortmerssen.
  • False documentation
  • Source for the False compiler
  • The complete False distribution (lh5-packed)


    Yet another minimalistic language with a compiler written in assembler. This compiler is a more extreme example of a programming excercise where the goal is producing the smallest compiler possible. Even harder to write something useful with, then again; you wouldn't be here if you preferred the easy route? Brainfuck is created by Urban Müller.
  • Brainfuck documentation
  • Source for the Brainfuck compiler
  • Source for a portable Brainfuck interpreter in C. By K.V. Timofeev.
  • The complete Brainfuck distribution (lh5-packed)

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